Christmas crafts

I am extremely creative. I love doing crafts with the kids especially holiday crafts, however (as you can imagine) thinking of crafty things to do and actually doing them are two totally different things. With our kids ages I always have think of things they are capable of doing without a lot of time or effort otherwise there will be frustration (them and me).

The craft we chose to do with the kids today was perfect. It’s an oldie, but easy, quick and fun for them. The Candy Cane Reindeers will be added to our Christmas tree decor once all the eyes and noses dry. 4F12B97A-D06B-4DB1-A891-0CB734709A1COf course sometimes you have to do something fun just for you 😉😁63CBE1B7-B34D-47DC-B36A-133BDD5ACBDE.jpeg

Author: Running with Kids

I am a LEO wife, mother, daughter, sister and runner. I have 3 adult children, 5 adopted children. Life is always busy, a bit chaotic, yet full of fun.

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