All about the timing

So we had known for a while that our family had outgrown our house and that it was time to buy a bigger one. About a month ago we came up with the great idea to start house hunting and while we were at it, why not place ours on the market at the same time. Sounds like a great plan at Christmas time, Right!?!? Yeah it’s not. Between all the showings, paper signings, having to print stuff off and run them into the lender and still trying to maintain our regularly scheduled life with five little kids, lots of fun!!(Total sarcasm)

We were lucky enough to find a house we both love and it had all the things on our list of “wants”, which is a total bonus!! Of course our list of wants wasn’t extravagant; low traffic street, large yard, four bedrooms, etc. You know all the things that you should want in a house with five little kids. So we made an offer immediately.

With our offer in on a house we of course needed to get our house on the market ASAP. So we hired contractors to come in and make a few minor repairs, which was five days of having to keep the kids out of their way, easy peasy🤪. Finally all the work was done and it was time to put the “For Sale” sign up. While we were hoping everything would go smoothly, we kept thinking something is going to go wrong and it’s going to end up being a long road to sell. Then bam just like that in less than a day we had several offers on our house and before we knew it we were packing all our stuff, taking one final walk through in our old house and are now busy trying to make the new house our home. Woo hoo 🎉🎉🎉 Happy dance ( #sparkleshimmy )

We have a long way to go before our new house feels like home, but we survived!!! Now time to focus on getting through Christmas.

Author: Running with Kids

I am a LEO wife, mother, daughter, sister and runner. I have 3 adult children, 5 adopted children. Life is always busy, a bit chaotic, yet full of fun.

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