With my husband leaving for work in the dark and returning home in the dark I needed to come up with a way to still get my runs in and still take care of our five little kids. So I have resorted to the treadmill (aka dreadmill 😝) my husband purchased for me for Christmas. Aside from the scenery never changing, still having to hear the kids argue and not really going anywhere, it’s not too bad.

I haven’t had it long enough to log some serious miles yet, but I actually enjoy being able to get back to my runs.

While I still plan on doing my long runs outside on his days off, I am happy to have an alternative. Just being able to get in a quick run while the kids are sleeping, playing or watching a movie has been awesome.

I am curious to see how it will change the way I run in actual races. We are surrounded by flat lands where we live and we both enjoy running in San Francisco, but those hills are torture for someone who hasn’t been able to run regularly on hills. While I know road running is harder than treadmill run I am hoping the incline option on my treadmill will help with the hills of San Francisco.

Anyone else use a treadmill to train for hills?

Author: Running with Kids

I am a LEO wife, mother, daughter, sister and runner. I have 3 adult children, 5 adopted children. Life is always busy, a bit chaotic, yet full of fun.

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