Meet Stephany

Have you ever gone to the store with food on your shirt, hair in a bun, no make-up on and pretty sure you smell like B.O because you can’t remember putting on deodorant?! This is me most days. I never imagined having little kids in my 40s, but here I am killing it (that’s what I am suppose to say right?!).

So a little about me. I have 9 children, three adult children (as I was a teen mom), and 6 adopted children. A few years ago my husband suggested we do foster care without any real intention of adoption, just mainly to be that bridge from their past to their future. Anyway however it worked out fate, or whatever, we had 5 children, 4 different cases all go to adoption, and now we have added a sibling recently born, so here we are.

With 6 little kids you can imagine total chaos at times, so running has become our outlet. My husband and I started running as a way to get off our butts and get into shape, but it has now become our “me” time. The time we spend collecting our thoughts. Now as our little kids are aging and starting to understand running, they too are picking up the love of the sport, so while we still get in our “me” time runs, we also have a great way to enjoy family time, running with kids.

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