A new chapter

A few years ago my husband and I decided to get licensed for foster care with no real thought of adopting. We just wanted to be that bridge from bad to good for the kids. Not really knowing what to expect we went to an orientation to find out how the foster care system works and what the expectations of foster homes were. Nothing we heard sounded too scary so we went on to get our license. We originally only wanted to get licensed for 2 children under age 15, as we still had our youngest daughter (who was 14 at the time) at home.

When we completed our licensing for foster care everyone said it’s going to be hard. You will get attached to the kids, they will leave and you will be heartbroken. Fostering children is definitely challenging at times. We have cried some very real tears and we’ve struggled to watch as the worker came to pick up the kids to take them home. Goodbyes are never easy. We have had some pretty tough times packing up all of a childs’ belongings, however we have never been scared of getting attached to the kids. We were more scared of what happens to them if we don’t get attached, they don’t fit in our family and we have to have them moved or worse they feel like they belong.

Throughout this foster care journey we have been blessed. We have had an amazing support system in our family and friends, not to say they didn’t have questions, reservations and concerns, but they have always accepted and welcomed every child that walked through our doors. We are lucky enough to have maintained relationships with children who have reunited with their bios. We have had the opportunity to experience things for first time through the eyes of a child. We have enjoyed trips to Disneyland with every child we have had the opportunity to love. There has been first smiles, hugs, kisses, first steps, first words, potty training, and lifelong relationships built. Of course there also has been homework, tantrums, attitudes, messes, but there isn’t a single thing I would change.

Our journey thus far has been a roller coaster of emotions and learning experiences. While we never had a plan to close our home, we feel life has a bigger plan for our family. However it worked out, we now have 5 beautiful and amazing children we get to watch grow up. While we are closing the door on welcoming new children into our home, we are excited about having front row seats to the five we have/are adopting we get to be sideline fans for sports and school activities, teach them to drive, celebrate birthdays, achievements and graduations, etc.