Our life in progress

I remember starting 2018 thinking 2017 was going to be a hard year to top. If you look back at my first post this year ➡️ Happy New year 🎊🎊🎊 you can see we had some amazing life changes, great moments and tons of memories made.

As we are now rounding out the end of 2018 I can definitely say 2018 has been another amazing year. This was our first year in our new home with the kids, which we just LOVE and the memories are already in progress.

There has definitely been changes and adjustments that have become our new “normal.” The smaller adjustments have been our races. In the previous years my husband and I have ran all the same races, but this year, while we still ran a few of the same races, Surf City, OC Marathon , Wharf to Wharf, Long Beach RNRVEGAS and a few local 5Ks we run with the kidswe decided to alternate races so we could involve the kids more in the cheering aspect. we feel it’s just important for them to learn to be a “fan in the stands” for each other as it is for them to be apart of the game (race).

As for some of the bigger changes we knew going into 2018 we would be finalizing the adoptions of our son and two daughters . With all five our babies finally finalized we made the decision to close our home as a foster home. It was definitely a bitter sweet decision as we now get to watch these amazing kids continue to grow into the incredible little people they are, but on the flip side we are one less open door to those children in need.

With five little kids our home is always perfect chaos (as you can imagine) with everyone having homework, playing sports and having their own personalities, but we have all adjusted.

However it has also been a year of some unexpected surprises …

our daughter Natalie surprised us with the news that she is expecting

so we have a new little baby girl to look forward to going into 2019.

The real unexpected surprise was that our group of five littles became six when we added our youngest baby girl (which is the newest sibling to our adopted children) to our home.

If you had told me 12 years ago (when my husband and I met) this would be our life I wouldn’t have believed you. I might have hesitated, however today I wouldn’t change a thing. I love our life of totally perfect chaos.

Another year of Memories

Since we are quickly approaching the end of 2017, it is time to reflect on all those amazing memories. Of course there are those obvious memories that will be moments that no matter what happens you carry them with you always. For me in 2017 those moments are our daughter graduating high school, the adoption of our son and daughter and buying our new house, which we haven’t finalized on yet, but I still know it is going to be amazing (so that counts, right!?!)

Then there are those memories that are moments you cherish because of the people you created them with.  In 2017 I have been lucky enough to have been surrounded by so many amazing people, and have created so many amazing memories, it is almost impossible to narrow it down to favorites.

I have done my best to live 2017 to the fullest, however as the end of the approaches it is a time to reflect and ask yourself, Did you do everything you wanted to? Did you say everything you wanted to? What will you do differently in the year to come?