Running local

This weekend I had the opportunity to participate in two different local 5k events. Since I started running half marathons I rarely run 5K races unless I am running with my family.

I had won a random drawing for the Madera Second Wind 5K race, which was for two race entries. I gave my extra entry to Daniell so that we could join Stephanie, who was already registered for the race. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the race as it was at the Madera Speedway. The course was actually kind of cute as we got to run through the fairgrounds livestock barns.

Of course before race day we had to plan our outfits. With all the things!!! Of course I was rocking Sparkle Athletic skirt and visor, as I do for all my races. This race I got also include their adorable pineapple tank because it matched so perfectly with the rest of my outfit. I also never race without my Procompression socks, they are usually the base for any of my race outfits. Once my outfit is chosen I always include my Garmin (fenix 3) and then add my SPI belt and Momentum bracelets.

Saturday was race day, all week I was worried about rain, but other than starting out a little chilly it was perfect weather for the race. Daniell and I met up with Stephanie and Michelle and got some pre-race pictures in (of course).

Then the race started and we all did our own pace. My first mile I started out a little fast so by mile two I had to slow it down a little, otherwise I wasn’t going to make it through mile three. The slowing down helped because I was able to keep pushing through mile three and the finishline. I was done once I hit the finishline, but I had ran my fastest 5k ever. After the race a cute little kid came up to me and said he had been trying to pass me the whole race, which I thought was cute and made me smile that catching me was his reason to keep pushing.

I have found that it is definitely fun to race a 5K once in while and I have this nice 5K medal to add to my collection.

All these ladies rocked their races and I am so glad to be able to run amongst them.

On Sunday I took part in the first Donut Run . Of course when you are running a fun donut race you need a cute little outfit, with all the accessories.

This race I did with Stephanie and her daughter Courtney . The course itself was an out and back on a bike path which made it super crowded. With the course being so narrow and crowded I just took it easy and had fun. Who doesn’t love a cute little medal and donuts at the finishline??