Stronger than the struggle

Training yourself how to overcome things like change and pain is hard. It’s easy to say “I’m going to changed the way I eat”, “I’m going to start going to the gym”, ” I’m going to start going for walks”, etc. Just about everyone I know has had their own struggle with weight or body image. Over the years I have struggled with my weight. I would workout, but only until it got hard. I would eat well, but only until I had a craving for something (Mmmm tortilla chips, salt is my weakness).

In 2006 I was in a car accident, I suffered a collapsed lung and my pelvic broken in three places. I remember like it was yesterday, being so scared waking up to a firefighter standing next to my car. I remember wondering why he was in my room because I didn’t remember getting into my car. For what seemed like forever I couldn’t figure out what happened or where I was. I was in and out of consciousness. It wasn’t until I heard the ambulance door slam and the paramedic yell “we are rolling hot” realizing I was inside, that I fully understood something was terribly wrong and I couldn’t change what happened that put me in that ambulance so I decided I was going to smile.

It took me a long time to stop being a victim of my car accident. My pelvic injury left me with chronic pain in my hips and lower back, which lead me to be sedentary and gain weight. The weight didn’t help the constant pain. Finally after years of pain I decide to start pushing through the pain and try to build the strength in my muscles hoping taking some of the weight off would help alleviate some of the pain.

My husband suggested we start running. Hahaha I couldn’t imagine walking a mile let alone running one, but decide to start going for walks. My walks started out as 18-20 min miles. At the time I would have never imagined myself actually enjoying running a mile let alone actually completing half marathons.

My first half marathon hurt. It took forever to finish and I remember think during it no way am Iever doing that again. Then I got to the finishline and they placed that medal around my neck and I couldn’t wait to torture myself again.

Running for me is still a struggle, some days are easier than others. I have arthritis in my lower back from my car accident (gotta love getting older), so I struggled a little bit while trying to find a way to cope with this new pain. Like most things the pain is better some days than it is for others, but I have finally been able to cope with it and get back to my training. Since my car accident and especially in the almost 3 years of running I have learned that I am only as strong as I think I am.

I love that I could get back to playing soccer and strength training While I am not embarrassed about the struggle I am just excited for what is in store. I just have to remember my body is stronger than the discomfort and I am capable!