Venturing to try new things

So I was given the opportunity to workout out at the Thoroughbred Treadmill Studio with some fellow Represent Running ambassadors. I wasn’t sure what to expect when I decided to sign up for the class, but was definitely looking forward to hanging out with the girls Daniell and Stephanie and having a chance to mingle with other ambassadors irl (in real life).

We started our venture to the studio at 5am as it is a 2 hour drive from our houses. Once we got there we were greeted by Jake, who was full of so much energy (it just makes you happy), given a brief summary of what we needed to do and sent to our treadmills. The workout started off slow. We were told the basics of what to expect and a explanation of what he would say during the workout.

The class is entirely designed as a “choose your own speed” class. It allows for you to choose what you want to get out of the workout. Being that this was my first time ever I decided to take it easy since I had no idea what to expect (I didn’t want to fly off the treadmill lol). The class lasted an hour. It was filled with speed, incline, music and energy. I had a blast. It is definitely a workout and you will most definitely sweat, but the energy from the music and instructor will keep you motivated and the hour flies by.

I absolutely recommend this class and if I lived closer I would definitely be signed up as a regular. Of course it does help to take a couple of friends with you