OC Marathon Racecation

This was my second year running this race, but last year it was hailing and raining so I honestly did not remember the course as I was just trying not to fall.

We started our weekend off at Disneyland (because that’s what adults do when they are away from the kids, right!?) stormtroopers, because well it was Star Wars Day!!!

Side note: I am loving these Goodr sunglasses, but have yet to figure out taking a selfie without seeing my arm in them.

Anyways, although hot, Disneyland was a blast, as always. We made sure not to leave without tasting the Pixar treats honestly, if you are a huge fan of grape and sweet, go for it! Otherwise not that great..

Day two consisted of packet pick up and an afternoon meet-up at the Procompression booth. The meet-ups are always a good time. We get to see all those people we only communicate with on social, IRL and we get to meet new people, which is always fun. After the meet-up we decided to go cheer on the 5k runners. I give them all props because it was hot running in the middle of the day.

Race day morning you never know how your run is going to go. You get up, get dressed and hope for the best. We of course started with some quick pictures with everyone we could . Our outfits, we usually plan weeks in advance, so we can runmatchy, we’re on point Then it was time to get to the start line. The corral we were designed for was jam packed so we had to wait outside of it until the start of the race. As the corral cleared out we were able to make our way in and off we went.

I, personally like to run half marathons by myself because it’s easier for me to listen to my music and zone out. I don’t mind running with other people, I am just not much of a “social runner.” It takes all my effort to push myself forward.

I could tell in the first half mile I was going to struggle because of the thick air and heat. I had to keep pushing myself mile by mile to keep going. By mile 3 I was drenched in sweat. My pale yellow tank was now dark and 15 pounds heavier.

The hills, heat and humidity were rough, but the on course support and the amazing communities we ran through were unbelievably awesome. The sights were beautiful. I love running by the ocean and looking at the houses as I passed by. This is definitely a race worth doing. At mile 12 I could feel fatigue setting in. Seriously thought about walking in the last mile. Then I passed someone and a few seconds later she caught back up to me and started pacing me. She was using my pace to keep herself going and it kept me going as well. Consequently enough we had met earlier on the shuttle from our hotel to the race that morning (what are the odds!?!) You have to appreciate those people you meet on course. Running has definitely brought some amazing people into my life.

After the race I met back up with my husband and Daniell and we caught the shuttle back to our hotel. Cleaned up best we could, a few pictures

(One should not jump after half, my legs hurt!!!!) and then a long drive home.

Definitely look forward to running this race again. Even with the heat, humidity and hills I really enjoyed it.

Author: Running with Kids

I am a LEO wife, mother, daughter, sister and runner. I have 3 adult children, 5 adopted children. Life is always busy, a bit chaotic, yet full of fun.

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